Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Hail Mary - Week 14

Two storied franchises meet head to head in the game of the week as the Dallas Cowboys travel to Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers. The result of this game will have huge implications on the playoff races in both conferences no matter who wins or loses. Are the Cowboys really back to their early season dominance or have they feasted on poor competition? Are the Steelers truly an elite team, that will take care of business at home? We find out Sunday.

I will be lucky enough to be at my Dad's on Sunday so I will get a chance to have a look at every game with the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Games That I Will Be Watching

Oakland (3-9) at San Diego (4-8)

A game like this won't convince anyone that they are missing out on what is one of the best networks on TV, the NFL Network. Won't watch this from beginning to end but will check in on it. The Chargers are bad, but for Norv Turner's sake they better not be bad enough to lose at home to the Raiders.

Prediction: San Diego 24, Oakland 13

Jacksonville (4-8) at Chicago (6-6)

From what little I saw of Jacksvonille's Monday night game at Houston showed me how pathetic the Jags are this year. They have mailed it in, and the Bears have been handed a gift by the NFL, with their suspension of Kevin and Pat Williams of the Vikings.

Prediction: Chicago 27, Jacksonville 20

Minnesota (7-5) at Detroit (0-12)

This game makes me nervous. Not only because the Williams' will likely not play (as of this writing they are appealing their suspensions through the courts) but also because the last time the Lions started 0-12 they ended their futility at home against the Vikings. It won't and can't happen this time.

Prediction: Minnesota 24, Detroit 19

Houston (5-7) at Green Bay (5-7)

The Packers pretty much have to run the table to have any chance of making the playoffs. The Texans playoff hopes are done but they have won 5 of 8 since an 0-4 start. They make a game out of it, but I will go with the Pack.

Prediction: Green Bay 31, Houston 28

Cleveland (4-8) at Tennessee (11-1)

Cleveland is down to third string QB Ken Dorsey. This has blowout written all over it.

Prediction: Tennessee 28, Cleveland 7

Cincinnati (1-10-1) at Indianapolis (8-4)

The Colts have a real shot of heading into the playoffs on a 9 game winning streak.

Prediction: Indianapolis 34, Cincinnati 14

Atlanta (8-4) at New Orleans (6-6)

Cowboys and Redskins fans will have a close eye on this one. The Saints were also hit with suspensions due to this illegal diuretic incident, hampering what already wasn't a very good defense.

Prediction: Atlanta 28, New Orleans 24

Philadelphia (6-5-1) at New York Giants (11-1)

Philadelphia's one week love affair with Donovan McNabb will end after a poor performance for him at the Meadowlands. The Giants have proven they don't need Plaxico Burress and that they can handle any and all distractions.

Prediction: New York Giants 24, Philadelphia 10

Kansas City (2-10) at Denver (7-5)

I should just give up on trying to predict Broncos games. They never go the way I think they will. I think they will win this one so most likely they will play like garbage at home again.

Prediction: Denver 28, Kansas City 22

Miami (7-5) at Buffalo (6-6)

Miami gets to avoid frigid Buffalo and instead play in a dome in Canada. The Bills may have to start the pathetic JP Losman, the Dolphins miracle season will continue to get better and better.

Prediction: Miami 20, Buffalo 13

New York Jets (8-4) at San Francisco (4-8)

The 49ers are still mathematically alive in the NFC West race! Unfortunately, that will end after this week.

Prediction: New York Jets 27, San Francisco 21

New England (7-5) at Seattle (2-10)

Originally the Sunday Night game, this was flexed out by Washington at Baltimore. Thank goodness.

Prediction: New England 34, Seattle 17

St. Louis (2-10) at Arizona (7-5)

RB Tim Hightower has had one good game since replacing Edgerrin James as the starter. It was against the Rams.

Prediction: Arizona 37, St. Louis 20

Dallas (8-4) at Pittsburgh (9-3)

This is a really hard game to predict. Homefield advantage isn't what it used to be in the NFL so throw that out. I believe the Steelers will get pressure on Tony Romo but that he will be able to evade it enough to avoid getting injured. Dallas get's the ball last and wins.

Prediction: Dallas 20, Pittsburgh 19

Washington (7-5) at Baltimore (8-4)

A must win game for the Redskins and it couldn't be a worse matchup for them. Their offense has stunk for about a month and now they get to play one of the best defenses in the game. The Giants showed that the Ravens can be run on, but the Giants are also much better than the Skins. Clinton Portis is banged up and will be held in check. The Redskins only hope is their defense can blitz the heck out of Joe Flacco and force turnovers. This isn't your father's Ravens though, as they now have a capable offense to match that defense. Ravens win.

Prediction: Baltimore 21, Washington 15

Tampa Bay (9-3) at Carolina (9-3)

First place in the NFC South is on the line in this Monday Night game. One of my readers, Matt Pinto, is a huge Carolina fan and was distraught at me labeling the Panthers as frauds. Credit to Carolina, they went into Green Bay and won. Matt, you should probably stop reading at this point though. The Panthers benefited from playing a team with a defense that is going downhill fast. The Bucs defense will magnify the struggles that Jake Delhomme has been having lately and contain RBs Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams.

Prediction: Tampa Bay 24, Carolina 23

Last Week: 9-7
Overall: 93-51-1

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