Monday, October 13, 2008

The Week That Was

Having a blog and then going on record on that blog and ending up being wrong is not a good thing. I thought the Redskins of 2008 were not going to be the Redskins of years past. I thought like any good team should, they would handle their business in their next 3 cupcake games. One game in and they already have proven me wrong. What is even worse is the players, namely RB Clinton Portis admitted as much afterwards. The Redskins believed the hype and didn't come ready to play against an awful Rams team. Yes, I know the Rams won but the only reason the Redskins almost eked out an undeserving victory was because of how awful the Rams are. I just don't get this team, you were 4-1, you hadn't won anything, as a team you have never proven anything and you went into a game thinking you didn't have to prepare? I'm not sure these group of guys will ever get it.

College football was shaken up as the two marquee Big 12 games produced upsets. The Texas Longhorns are the new #1 team in the country after defeating previous #1 Oklahoma in the Red River Shootout. Oklahoma State shocked Missouri on the road and prevented a possible 1 vs. 2 match up this weekend between Texas and Missouri. In other big games, Florida decimated LSU, as did Penn State at Wisconsin.

Notre Dame blew their game at North Carolina and with it their chance to get back into the Top 25. Watching that game you could tell that Notre Dame was the better team. But much like the Redskins, turnovers killed them, as did plain stupidity. With 5 seconds to go in the game WR Michael Floyd fumbled while trying to make a desperate lateral. Had he just gone down Notre Dame likely could have spiked the ball and had a chance at one last play. He panicked in a pressure situation. To be fair he is a freshman but it hurt to see Notre Dame blow a great opportunity to shut the critics up.

Nebraska gave a much better showing than I expected and nearly shocked Texas Tech. The defense played pretty well, and QB Joe Ganz was having a great game until his interception in overtime sealed the loss. This is a game the Cornhuskers can build off of though and hopefully gain confidence from.

I was out Saturday so I didn't get to see what sounded like a thrilling game 2 in the American League Championship Series between the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays. Rays rookie Evan Longoria continues to produce in the postseason and the Rays got a much needed win. The series shifts to Boston this afternoon.

As for the NLCS the home teams continued to dominate as the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Phillies last night to make that a series. Game 4 is tonight.

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