Friday, September 26, 2008

The Hail Mary - Week 4

It is Week 4 of the NFL Season and with six teams having a bye week there are some less than compelling games. However, the few that are good make up for the stinkers. Each week I will start off with "Games That I Will Be Watching."

I just have regular, tried and true cable. Because of this I don't have access to the NFL Sunday Ticket which is only for DirecTV and allows fans to watch every game. I am assured a Redskins game every weekend but other than that I am at the whims of what the NFL decides to air in certain markets. Some weeks are better than others. This week is one of the better ones.

Games That I Will Be Watching

Green Bay (2-1) at Tampa Bay (2-1)

It is the "Battle of the Bays" as Green Bay travels to Tampa Bay. The Packers were humbled by Dallas last week while Tampa showed some intestinal fortitude in coming from behind to defeat the Bears. Somehow Aaron Rodgers has convinced irrational people that he is already better than Brett Favre. Unfortunately, these people will have more reason to believe it because the Pack will rebound and win this one on the road.

Prediction: Green Bay 24, Tampa Bay 21

Washington (2-1) at Dallas (3-0)

Everyone expects Dallas to win this game but people that actually follow this rivalry know this game isn't a slam dunk. Not having Jason Taylor will hurt the Redskins but the offense has been clicking the last couple of weeks. Washington always plays the Cowboys close in Texas Stadium and this one will be no different. Some tough running by Cowboys RB Marion Barber will seal the deal late for the Cowboys.

Prediction: Dallas 21, Washington 17

Philadelphia (2-1) at Chicago (1-2)

As of Wednesday the news was that Eagles RB Brian Westbrook would be playing in this game. Because of this I was ready to pick the Eagles with full confidence. Now the news is that he didn't practice yesterday and is unlikely to play. Brian Westbrook is the Eagles offense, without him, they can barely move the ball. QB Donovan McNabb has looked like the McNabb of old so far but he alone isn't good enough to overcome the loss of Westbrook against a tough Bears defense.

Prediction: Chicago 17, Philadelphia 13

Baltimore (2-0) at Pittsburgh (2-1)

One of the worst parts about living in Virginia is that the Ravens game usually ends up being the CBS game. The Baltimore Ravens are the most boring football team to watch, it is not even close. I will watch this because it is Monday Night Football but it is doubtful my whole attention will be on the game. Pittsburgh is without RB Willie Parker, and their offensive line has not proven to be capable of stopping any defense that has the ability to rush the passer. Baltimore is also a terrible road team, and a rookie QB (Joe Flacco) making his first Monday night start is not the recipe for a win.

Prediction: Pittsburgh 21, Baltimore 6

The Rest of Week 4

Cleveland (0-3) at Cincinnati (0-3)

This game will also be on in our viewing area but will only command my attention during commercials of the Packers/Bucs game. Both these teams stink and don't deserve a win.

Prediction: Cincinnati 3, Cleveland 3

Minnesota (1-2) at Tennessee (3-0)

No one would have believed that in 2008 Gus Frerotte and Kerry Collins would be starting QB's in the NFL, but here we are. Thank goodness these two teams have very good defenses. The Titans defense is just a little bit better.

Prediction: Tennessee 16, Minnesota 13

Denver (3-0) at Kansas City (0-3)

Denver still has many doubters and playing and crushing the Chiefs won't change that.

Prediction: Denver 31, Kansas City 10

San Francisco (2-1) at New Orleans (1-2)

I am still trying to figure out if my favorite team, the 49ers, are for real. The Saints aren't world beaters but a road win for the Niners would be very impressive. I am picking this game more with my heart than my mind.

Prediction: San Francisco 28, New Orleans 24

Arizona (2-1) at New York Jets (1-2)

Super Bowl MVPs Kurt Warner and Brett Favre do battle in this one. I kept hoping to run into Kurt Warner at Tyson's Corner Mall this week (Cardinals stayed here to keep on east coast time) but had no such luck. Favre leads the Packers to victory, the haters still give him an F on the season.

Prediction: New York Jets 24, Arizona 20

Atlanta (2-1) at Carolina (2-1)

Lame game.

Prediction: Carolina 29, Atlanta 13

Houston (0-2) at Jacksonville (1-2)

Houston was my sleeper playoff pick this year, I would like to have that one back. Jacksonville was my back up Super Bowl pick after Tom Brady went down for New England, I still believe in that one.

Prediction: Jacksonville 24, Houston 13

San Diego (1-2) at Oakland (1-2)

Score lots of TD's LT.

Prediction: San Diego 38, Oakland 20

Buffalo (3-0) at St. Louis (0-3)

People are actually picking St. Louis to win this game. I may have been completely wrong about USC/Oregon State, but not with this one.

Prediction: Buffalo 20, St. Louis 10


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