Tuesday, September 2, 2014

2014 NFL Predictions

Having previewed and picked all eight divisions now is the time for me to reveal my playoff teams and how I believe the 2015 playoffs will unfold. I predict there will be 2 new playoff teams in both the AFC and NFC. Some of you will inevitably say I am biased in my Super Bowl pick, but I won't be alone in picking the San Francisco 49ers to win their sixth Super Bowl. I figure if I keep picking the 49ers to win the Super Bowl I will have to be right one of these years!


1. San Francisco 49ers (NFC West Champ), 12-4
2. Chicago Bears (NFC North Champ), 11-5
3. New Orleans Saints (NFC South Champ), 11-5
4. New York Giants (NFC East Champ), 10-6
5. Green Bay Packers (Wild Card), 11-5
6. Seattle Seahawks (Wild Card), 10-6

NFC Wild Card Round

#3 New Orleans Saints over #6 Seattle Seahawks
#5 Green Bay Packers over #4 New York Giants

NFC Divisional Round

#1 San Francisco 49ers over #5 Green Bay Packers
#3 New Orleans Saints over #2 Chicago Bears

NFC Championship

#1 San Francisco 49ers over #3 New Orleans Saints


1. Denver Broncos (AFC West Champ), 13-3
2. Indianapolis Colts (AFC South Champ), 12-4
3. New England Patriots (AFC East Champ), 12-4
4. Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC North Champ), 11-5
5. Cincinnati Bengals (Wild Card), 10-6
6. Baltimore Ravens (Wild Card), 9-7

AFC Wild Card Round

#3 New England Patriots over #6 Baltimore Ravens
#4 Pittsburgh Steelers over #5 Cincinnati Bengals

AFC Divisional Round

#1 Denver Broncos over #4 Pittsburgh Steelers
#3 New England Patriots over #2 Indianapolis Colts

AFC Championship

#1 Denver Broncos over #3 New England Patriots

Super Bowl XLIX

#1 San Francisco 49ers over #1 Denver Broncos

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