Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2013 NFL Predictions

I have previewed and picked all eight divisions, so now is the time for me to reveal my playoff teams and predictions for how the playoffs will unfold. With parity in mind, I expect there to be 3 new playoff teams in both the AFC and NFC. Some of you will inevitably say I am biased in my Super Bowl pick, but I won't be alone in picking the San Francisco 49ers to win their sixth Super Bowl. It is the natural progression in their third year under Jim Harbaugh. First year was the NFC Championship, second year was making it to the Super Bowl, and his third year will culminate in a Super Bowl title. 


1. San Francisco 49ers (NFC West Champ), 12-4
2. Green Bay Packers (NFC North Champ), 11-5
3. New Orleans Saints (NFC South Champ), 10-6
4. New York Giants (NFC East Champ), 10-6
5. Atlanta Falcons (Wild Card), 10-6
6. Chicago Bears (Wild Card), 9-7

NFC Wild Card Round    

#3 New Orleans Saints over #6 Chicago Bears 
#4 New York Giants over #5 Atlanta Falcons

NFC Divisional Round    

#1 San Francisco 49ers over #4 New York Giants
#2 Green Bay Packers over #3 New Orleans Saints

NFC Championship

#1 San Francisco 49ers over #2 Green Bay Packers


1. Denver Broncos (AFC West Champ), 13-3
2. Houston Texans (AFC South Champ), 12-4
3. New England Patriots (AFC East Champ), 10-6
4. Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC North Champ), 10-6
5. Miami Dolphins (Wild Card), 9-7
6. San Diego Chargers (Wild Card), 8-8

AFC Wild Card Round

#3 New England Patriots over #6 San Diego Chargers
#5 Miami Dolphins over #4 Pittsburgh Steelers

AFC Divisional Round

#1 Denver Broncos over #5 Miami Dolphins
#2 Houston Texans over #3 New England Patriots

AFC Championship

#2 Houston Texans over #1 Denver Broncos

Super Bowl XLVIII

#1 San Francisco 49ers over #2 Houston Texans

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