Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Hail Mary - Looking Back

I put a lot of time and effort into my NFL previews back in August so I thought it would be fun to take a look back and see how I did.

NFC East (My Predictions)

1. *Philadelphia 10-6, 2. New York Giants 9-7, 3. Dallas 7-9, 4. Washington 6-10

NFC East (Actual Results)

1. *Washington 10-6, 2. New York Giants 9-7, 3. Dallas 8-8, 4. Philadelphia 4-12

The Verdict: Like everyone else I was way off on Philadelphia. Nailed the Giants record and them missing the playoffs, basically got Dallas right, and was happy to be wrong about Washington.

NFC North (My Predictions)

1. *Green Bay 12-4, 2. *Detroit 10-6, 3. Chicago 9-7, 4. Minnesota 6-10

NFC North (Actual Results)

1. *Green Bay 11-5, 2. *Minnesota 10-6, 3. Chicago 10-6, 4. Detroit 4-12

The Verdict: Spot on with Green Bay as if they hadn't been screwed in Seattle they would have gone 12-4. Was almost exactly right about Chicago, while missing badly on Detroit and Minnesota. That'll teach me for ever having faith in the sorry Lions.

NFC South (My Predictions)

1. *New Orleans 10-6, 2. *Carolina 9-7, 3. Atlanta 8-8, 4. Tampa Bay 4-12

NFC South (Actual Results)

1. *Atlanta 13-3, 2. Carolina 7-9, 3. New Orleans 7-9, 4. Tampa Bay 7-9

The Verdict: Knew the whole Bountygate fiasco would have an effect on the Saints but underestimated it. Carolina disappointed many people. The Falcons proved me wrong although many still doubt if they are as good as their record indicates. Tampa was better than I thought but still ended up in last.

NFC West (My Predictions)

1. *San Francisco 11-5, 2. Seattle 7-9, 3. Arizona 6-10, 4. St. Louis 4-12

NFC West (Actual Results)

1. *San Francisco 11-4-1, 2. *Seattle 11-5, 3. St. Louis 7-8-1, 4. Arizona 5-11

The Verdict: Pretty much nailed the 49ers, and severely underrated Seattle. Pretty much got Arizona right, while Jeff Fisher improved the Rams sooner than I expected.

In the NFC I correctly predicted 2 (Green Bay, San Francisco) out of the 6 playoff teams. Green Bay and San Francisco could meet up in the playoffs as I predicted, however it would be in the Divisional Round instead of the NFC Championship. My pick of the Packers to represent the NFC still remains in play.

AFC East (My Predictions)

1. *New England 11-5, 2. Buffalo 9-7, 3. New York Jets 6-10, 4. Miami 6-10

AFC East (Actual Results)

1. *New England 12-4, 2. Miami 7-9, 3. New York Jets 6-10, 4. Buffalo 6-10

The Verdict: Basically nailed New England, gave too much credence to the Bills additions on defense, and basically called the Jets and Dolphins seasons.

AFC North (My Predictions)

1. *Pittsburgh 11-5, 2. *Baltimore 10-6, 3. Cincinnati 7-9, 4. Cleveland 3-13

AFC North (Actual Results)

1. *Baltimore 10-6, 2. *Cincinnati 10-6, 3. Pittsburgh 8-8, 4. Cleveland 5-11

The Verdict: Pittsburgh's season might have been different had Roethlisberger remained healthy all season. Guessed the Ravens record correctly, while the Bengals proved me wrong. The Brows were bad but not as terrible as I suspected.

AFC South (My Predictions)

1. *Tennessee 9-7, 2. Houston 9-7, 3. Indianapolis 7-9, 4. Jacksonville 4-12

 AFC South (Actual Results)

1. *Houston 12-4, 2. *Indianapolis 11-5, 3. Tennessee 6-10, 4. Jacksonville 2-14

The Verdict: Took a risk predicting the Titans would win the South and it backfired. Houston lived up to their preseason hype, while the Titans stunk. I figured the Colts would be much improved but never would have guessed 11 wins. I actually gave the Jags too much credit with a 4 win prediction.

AFC West (My Predictions)

1. *Denver 10-6, 2. *San Diego 10-6, 3. Kansas City 8-8, 4. Oakland 5-11

AFC West (Actual Results)

1. *Denver 13-3, 2. San Diego 7-9, 3. Oakland 4-12, 4. Kansas City 2-14

The Verdict: The AFC West was putrid. People should keep that in mind while picking Denver to win the Super Bowl. I underestimated how good Manning would make Denver. I swore last year to never pick San Diego to make the playoffs again as long as Norv was coach and should have listened to myself. I also was down on Kansas City but read enough people hyping them that I at least predicted a .500 season, boy was I wrong. Pretty much spot on with my prediction for it to be a long season in Oakland.

In the AFC I correctly predicted 3 (New England, Denver, Baltimore) of the 6 playoff teams. My AFC Championship game prediction of Denver and New England still remains possible, as does my pick of New England representing the AFC in the Super Bowl.

Before the season I predicted the Packers to defeat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. The fan in me doesn't want that to happen, but my preseason prediction for the Super Bowl remains very much in play.

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