Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Hail Mary - Looking back

I put a lot of time and effort into my NFL previews back in August so I thought it would be fun to take a look back and see how I did.

NFC East (My predictions)

1. *Philadelphia 11-5, 2. *Dallas 10-6, 3. New York Giants 8-8, 4. Washington 5-11

NFC East (Actual results)

1. *New York Giants 9-7, 2. Philadelphia 8-8, 3. Dallas 8-8, 4. Washington 5-11

The Verdict: Like everyone else I had high expectations for Philly, but went even further and had them winning the Super Bowl. Ugh. Nailed the Redskins record and knew they would struggle with no real quarterback. If I knew that back in August, how didn't the Shanahan's know? Almost was right on Dallas making the playoffs.

NFC North (My Predictions)

1. *Green Bay 12-4, 2. Minnesota 8-8, 3. Detroit 7-9, 4. Chicago 5-11

NFC North (Actual Results)

1. *Green Bay 15-1, 2. *Detroit 10-6, 3. Chicago 8-8, 4. Minnesota 3-13

The Verdict: Correctly predicted Green Bay as division champs but not much else. Did get it right about the Bears missing the playoffs.

NFC South (My predictions)

1. *New Orleans 12-4, 2. *Atlanta 10-6, 3. Tampa Bay 8-8, 4. Carolina 3-13

NFC South (Actual Results)

1. *New Orleans 13-3, 2. *Atlanta 10-6, 3. Carolina 6-10, 4. Tampa Bay 4-12

The Verdict: Was right on with Atlanta and New Orleans, didn't anticipate the impact Cam would have, or how bad the Bucs actually were.

NFC West (My Predictions)

1. *Arizona 7-9, 2. San Francisco 6-10, 3. St. Louis 6-10, 4. Seattle 5-11

NFC West (Actual Results)

1. *San Francisco 13-3, 2. Arizona 8-8, 3. Seattle 7-9, 4. St. Louis 2-14

The Verdict: Thought Harbaugh would improve the Niners but figured it would start in Year 2. Knew that the Rams were frauds.

AFC East (My Predictions)

1. *New England 13-3, 2. *New York Jets 11-5, 3. Miami 6-10, 4. Buffalo 5-11

AFC East (Actual Results)

1. *New England 13-3, 2. New York Jets 8-8, 3. Miami 6-10, 4. Buffalo 6-10

The Verdict: I nailed this division. If the Jets hadn't been a bunch of choking, fluke frauds I could have been perfect.

AFC North (My Predictions)

1. *Pittsburgh 12-4, 2. *Baltimore 9-7, 3. Cleveland 7-9, 4. Cincinnati 4-12

AFC North (Actual Results)

1. *Baltimore 12-4, 2. *Pittsburgh 12-4, 3. *Cincinnati 9-7, 4. Cleveland 4-12

The Verdict: Had the Ravens in the playoffs but figured they were getting too old on defense and would take a step back. Had no idea the Bengals would turn it around like they did. Thought the Browns would be better largely based on what appeared to be an easy schedule.

AFC South (My Predictions)

1. *Indianapolis 9-7, 2. Houston 9-7, 3. Tennessee 6-10, 4. Jacksonville 4-12

AFC South (Actual Results)

1. *Houston 10-6, 2. Tennessee 9-7, 3. Jacksonville 5-11, 4. Indianapolis 2-14

The Verdict: These predictions were made before it was known that Manning would be out for so long. I did alright, knew the Jags would stink, didn't expect the Titans to be mediocre.

AFC West (My Predictions)

1. *San Diego 11-5, 2. Kansas City 7-9, 3. Oakland 7-9, 4. Denver 6-10

AFC West (Actual Results)

1. *Denver 8-8, 2. San Diego 8-8, 3. Oakland 8-8, 4. Kansas City 7-9

The Verdict: Yes, I fell for the San Diego hype like everyone else. Never again. Pretty much was right there with the rest, figured this division would be mediocre as a whole.

As far as my playoff predictions I predicted 3 (Green Bay, New Orleans, Atlanta) out of 6 teams correctly and also was 3 (Baltimore, Pittsburgh, New England) out of 6 in the AFC. In the NFC, my divisional round prediction of Green Bay vs. Atlanta remains possible, but I had the Eagles beating the Packers in the NFC Championship and that won't be happening. In the AFC, my AFC Championship prediction of New England and Pittsburgh is possible, and my Super Bowl pick for the AFC of New England can still happen. My ultimate pick of the Eagles as Super Bowl champions is unfortunately, impossible.

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